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Specialising in innovative landscape design Perth homeowners and businesses can trust us to transform their outdoor spaces into natural masterpieces.

In the heart of Perth lies an unrivalled opportunity to create a great garden. Perth melds urban charm with natural splendour. Our landscape designers in Perth leverage their vast knowledge to capture this unique juxtaposition, adeptly turning any outdoor space into a reflection of Perth’s breathtaking beauty. Drawing on the expertise of our skilled landscape designers, we create captivating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

From cosy residential gardens to expansive commercial grounds in the Perth metro area, our Perth landscape designs ensure a harmonious blend of hard and soft landscapes.  By understanding the intricate balance between man-made structures and natural elements, we echo the rhythm of nature while accentuating modern aesthetics, crafting spaces that truly suit every client’s vision.

The marriage of art and nature is a delicate dance, and our team of expert landscape architects and designers are adept at choreographing this union. “Where Design Meets Nature” isn’t merely a tagline; this ethos drives every landscaping in Perth project we undertake.

Alongside garden landscaping and maintenance, our comprehensive services ensure that every outdoor space, from the intimacy of a backyard to the sprawl of a business park, undergoes a complete transformation under the hands of our skilled landscape contractors. Our landscape designer, a professional adept at creating aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor spaces, leverages vast knowledge to capture this unique juxtaposition. This commitment to excellence and the unique touch of Perth’s essence sets us apart in landscaping.

Envision a haven where memories are crafted, moments are treasured, and nature’s tapestry integrates seamlessly with impeccable designer finesse and installation precision. Every corner of your property is touched by our expertise, bringing together the essence of nature and the sophistication of modern design.

Our Comprehensive Landscape Design Services

Residential Landscape Design

Nestled in the heart of Perth, our Perth landscape design team specialises in transforming residential spaces into tranquil gardens and retreats. With a deep understanding of residential landscaping, every curve and corner we design aims to mirror the beauty of nature while incorporating your style. Whether it’s revitalising your front yard, crafting a unique outdoor area, or envisioning a new look for the entirety of your property, our residential landscapers meticulously consider every aspect. From selecting the right plants that suit the Perth climate to incorporating aesthetic and functional features, our mission is to blend your vision with our expertise to create a beautiful garden design that resonates with your lifestyle.

Commercial Landscape Design

Our expertise in landscape design in Perth shines as we elevate residential and commercial spaces, ensuring they exude sophistication, functionality, and the latest trends in landscaping. In particular, our commercial landscapers transform business premises into epitomes of professional elegance, setting them apart in Perth’s corporate landscape. These completed projects stand as testaments to our craftsmanship and innovative design services. In our eyes, a successful project begins with great ideas, is nurtured by a dedicated team, and culminates in a tangible reality that mirrors the client’s vision.

Our Landscape Design Process:

Crafting a perfect landscape requires precision, vision, and expertise. Our Perth landscape design team works meticulously through every stage, from the initial idea to the final installation. Here’s a detailed process:


Landscape Design Consultation or Brief

We acquire a detailed brief to understand your dreams and needs fully. We then arrange a site visit, discuss your ideas, and develop a vision for your garden. Before diving into design, we ensure we have accurate site measurements (preferably provided by the client).


Design Concepts

Reviewing your brief is pivotal. With an on-site investigation, we gather photographs, consider the soil, and take detailed measurements. The first draft of our landscaping design is then created. For more complex projects, detailed construction drawings are developed. Once the design is finalised and meets your vision, our team moves to the next phase: construction and quotation. Whether you envision a new garden replete with family-friendly areas or seeking a tranquil garden oasis, our dedicated services are tailored to cater to all your specific landscaping needs.


Quote Agreement

Offering a transparent view, we provide a preliminary cost estimate for the entire project, including design, construction, and maintenance. We forecast a project timeline with the client’s approval, ensuring all aspects align with the proposed landscaping designs.


Planning & Build Approvals

Our friendly staff generates detailed design documentation, prepares for Development Applications (DA), and ensures a smooth process for obtaining a Certified Building Permit. Submission to the council is made with utmost precision and detail, ensuring every landscaping project we handle moves forward without a hitch.

Other Landscaping Services We Offer:

01// Landscape Design in Perth

Expertly crafted designs tailored to Perth’s unique environment, transforming outdoor spaces into nature’s masterpieces.

Why Choose Our Landscape Designers?

We offer luxury landscaping services without the high prices. No job too big or too small.



Our portfolio boasts beautiful landscapes across Perth. With numerous successful projects under our belt, our expertise speaks for itself.


Local Insight

Deeply rooted in Perth, our designs resonate with the local environment, culture, and the latest landscaping trends.


Customised Solutions

Every garden and yard is a canvas. No two spaces are the same, so our landscaping designs are tailored to your unique vision and requirements.


Dedicated Team

Our experts, from designers to construction professionals, work harmoniously to bring your dream landscape to life. We turn your ideas into a garden reality.

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In the heart of Perth, lies an unrivalled opportunity to metamorphose your outdoor space. With our unparalleled expertise in landscape designs in Perth, there’s no limit to the beauty and functionality we can introduce. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and start making your landscape dreams a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More on Our Landscape Designs

Most landscape designs are completed 2-3 weeks after we kick-off the design consultation phase. Simpler designs may only take 1 week, while more complex builds require 4-6+ weeks.

Our designs incorporate both hardscaping (e.g. walls, paths) and softscaping (e.g. plants, trees), along with decorative accents, water features, exterior spaces, and drainage/irrigation components. If you can dream it, we can design it!

We collaborate with customers throughout the creative process via consultations to understand your vision and ensure the design aligns with your functional needs and aesthetic preferences before drafting layout options.

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